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Welcome to the European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU)

The European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU) was established in 2005 to promote and develop Chinese wrestling (Shuai Jiao) in Europe. The ESJU has grown to become the governing body for Chinese wrestling in Europe. The ESJU is governed by the ESJU Council and constitution.



Amendment to the Constitution of the European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU)

On Sunday 16 February, 2020, the Executive Committee of the ESJU met under Artice 5 (g), to discuss an amendment to the Constitution of the ESJU.

All members of the ESJU are hereby notified of the approved amendment Article 3 (d):

Membership of the ESJU is limited to one representative for each nation within Europe. Each member will form a National Shuai Jiao Union for their country to represent the interests of Traditional Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) in their nation and be responsible for the formation of the national team to represent their nation at international events. Members of the ESJU are constrained to operate (to provide coaching, to host seminars or to deliver Shuai Jiao related activities) within the boundaries of their own countries. Members of the ESJU may NOT operate in another country without EITHER the written permission of the President of the National Shuai Jiao Union of that country, OR (where no National Shuai Jiao Union exists) the written authorisation of the President of the ESJU.

Please note that this amendment has been formally adopted and is in effect from the date of this notification: Monday 17 February 2020.

European Activities, Events and Tournaments

The 2020 International Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) Seminar will take place from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 May, 2020, in Montesilvano, Italy.

Event Details

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing instructions put in n place by many European governments and the current restrictions to commercial flight, the event planned for May 2020 in Montesilvano is to be postponed.

The Executive Board of the ESJU is still planning to host a meeting using a digital platform (electronic means) on Saturday 23 May, 2020. If you are a member of the Executive Board, a National Shuai Jiao Union President, or eligible to attend (under the ESJU Constitution) then please send an expression of interest (by emial) to the Secretary General (Robert Simpson) copied to the President (Antonio Langiano).

The Agenda, papers and further information about the Executive Board meeting will then be sent to you directly.

2019 Shuai Jiao European Cup International Invitational Tournament
2019 年中国式摔跤欧洲杯邀请赛

The 2019 Shuai Jiao European Cup International Invitational Tournament took place from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 March, 2019, in Rome, Italy. The ESJU is welcomed Athletes, Coaches and Referees from all over Europe to participate in the prestigious event. The tournament report will be available in due course.

The event was covered by Italian and Chinese television.

World and International Activities, Events and Tournaments


2018 Shuaijiao International Invitational Tournament Baoding

2018 中国保定中国式摔跤国际邀请赛

The International Invitational Tornament for Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) was held from 10 to 14 October, 2018, in Baoding, China.


The event was hosted by the People’s Government of Baoding City, Hebei Province Sports Bureau and was an exceptionally well organised and hosted event.


World Shuai Jiao Federation (WSJF) Update


The World Shuai Jiao Federation (WSJF) was formally establised in Langfang, China, on 27 August 2019. President Wang Peng, invited members of the ESJU to attend the inaugural meeting of the WSJF.

All ESJU members present were invited to join the WSJF. The Council of the World Shuai Jiao Federation (WSJF) is:

President: Mr Wang Peng

Vice Presidents:
Mr Chang Dawei
Dr Daniel Weng
Mr Li Wing Kai

General Secretary: Mr Zhou Chenxu

Deputy General Secretaries:
Mr Jan-yu Weng
Mr Antonio Langiano
Mr Robert Simpson

Chairman Supervisors:
Mr Alessio Pasciulli

Mr Jon Ervin
Mr Roberto Seijo Lombao

International Interpreter: Mr Salvatore Cafiero


Standardised Rules and Regulations

China and Europe have now fully unified in the use of the 2017 revised rules for international Chinese wrestling tournaments and events. For the first time in the history of Chinese wrestling there are now a common set of rules and regulations to enable tournament organisers to maintain a consistent standard in officiating and judging contests.


Referees and Coaches in Europe will be certified and recognised by the Wrestling Association of the People's Republic of China. The Red Book to be awarded to each successful candidate will be a symbol of international recognition. In Europe, Robert Simpson, Secretary General of the ESJU (pictured centre) is working with officials accross Europe, to strandardise the practice and procedures in refereeing in line with the new rules.

Tournaments and Events Governance and Policy Growth of Chinese Wrestling

The ESJU organise International events and seminars in association with International Chinese Kuoshu Federation (ICKF) and the Wrestling Association of the People's Republic of China.

The events are organised in accordance with the

Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) Rules and Regulations sanctioned by the ESJU. These rules have been updated following the International Referee and Coaches Seminar, in June 2017; and in accordance with the rules, regulations and format for Chinese wrestling mandated by the Wrestling Assocation of the People's Republic of China.

The ESJU maintain a record of the official results of tournaments and events taking place in the European theatre


Recognition of the Best Shuai Jiao Athletes in Europe

To align with the recognition of the highest achievements of the best Shuai Jiao athletes, afforded to our Chinese counterparts, the ESJU are also publishing

Wrestling Ranking List - Europe

The European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU) is the offical govering body for Chinese-style wrestling (Shuai Jiao) in Europe.

The Council is responsible for the achievement and delivery of the ESJU objectives.

The ESJU Governance is based on ESJU Constitution and supported by policy Statements. Members of the ESJU are bound by the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement on becoming a member.

Technical Assessment

The ESJU Technical Assessment has been developed to ensure that the highest coaching standards are maintained.
This year, the ESJU has received a number of expressions of interets in joining the ESJU from countries outside Europe. While we appreciate the significant interest in Shuai Jiao, the ESJU Executive Board are unable to approve membership applications from groups that are resident in countries outside Europe (as defined by the ESJU Constitution).

The ESJU organises seminars and events with a view to increase the polularity of Shuai Jiao in Europe.

The ESJU actively works with other Shuai Jiao organisations in Europe and beyond. We welcome you to join our expanding Shuai Jiao Union network.
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