ESJU Council Representatives

The ESJU Council is seeking nominations to represent Athletes, Coaches and Referees at its activities and events. Nominations must be supported by the President of the members' National Shuai Jiao Union (or Association). All nominees should seek the endorsement of their President prior to submitting the Representative Nomination form. The representative roles are Athlete, Coach and Referee. The individuals selected can participate at ESJU Council meetings to act in the interests of the group that they represent.

Nominees must meet the following criteria to be considered for the position of representative:


The individual must be an athlete and have participated in ESJU tournaments in the last two (2) years.


The individual must be a qualified coach and have coached at National Team level at ESJU tournaments within the last two (2) years.


The individual must be a qualified referee and have officiated at ESJU tournaments in the last two (2) years.

Representative Period

The Representative Nomination period is for two (2) years. Nominees must commit to represent their group on appointment for a period of two (2) years.

Nomination Deadline and Notification

The deadline for nominations is Saturday 2 March, 2019. The successful nominees will be notified by Sunday 31 March, 2019.

Representative Nomination Form

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