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The ESJU is an a-political and non-profit making organisation. The Executive of the ESJU is the ESJU Council which is composed of the Presidents of each of the national Shuai Jiao organisations. The President of each national organisation must be resident and a passport holder of the country whose interests that they represent.

The ESJU is composed of national and regional Shuai Jiao unions from within Europe. Membership is restricted to those countries belonging to the European continent. Only one representative is allowed for each country.

Under the constitution of the ESJU, the European continent is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean to the west by the Atlantic Ocean to the South by the Mediterranean Sea and to the east by the Black Sea and the Ural Mountains. The only current exceptions to this definition are Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom and islands situated in the Mediterranean Sea. Applications for membership of the ESJU from countries determined to be outside this definition of Europe must be considered by the ESJU Council as this would require a constututional amendment.

All applications or renewals are considered by the Executive Board and must be supported by the appropriate registration fee.

Please note that even if your details have not changed you are still expeceted to submit this form by 31 January each year. Once you have submitted the form once, then you can then resubmit wih the 'autofill' function.

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